I'm Tiago,
a designer & dreamer
who loves

Nice to meet you  ;)
I’m the guy who brings art, science and technology into your everyday life, making it better, longer and easier to enjoy.

With a decade of experience, I still think there’s more for me to learn. And I do, because that’s what makes me feel sane good. I like to think that future is happening right now and I’m helping it to get closer as much as possible.

I'm specialized in


From an idea to its realization. What could be better than conceptualizing something that has never existed before?


Digital or physical, the project should not just look good, but also feels right, making your experience flawlessly intuitive and simple.

Visual Design

It takes a lot to combine positive and negative space to the point when it’s perfect enough. Should be perfect. Must be.


Designing a useful new way to use the device, helping or entertaining you, is what makes me smile as I drink my tea.


Creating new and unique things is awesome. A digital fingerprint on your memory. How cool is that?


A responsive interface? A print? A concrete piece? Whatever your project, it should be an advantage, not a drawback. And I like advantages.

Get in touch

While I’m a man of few words,
I’m always looking forward to space and time travels new opportunities, so ping me up if you got any ;​)